Football fans get debt warning

Football fans around the UK have been warned that they could be risking their financial security in their efforts to support their favourite team.

Research carried out by the credit reference agency Callcredit shows that many British football fans give themselves a debt management headache by spending thousands of pounds supporting their team.

In addition, football fans are more likely than rugby followers to take on debts in order to fund their sport-watching hobbies, according to figures from Callcredit.

Owen Roberts, head of MyCallcredit, said: “Getting behind the national team, be it rugby or football, is an exciting experience for many of us.

“But with few of us on the similar salaries to our sporting heroes, we all need to consider the financial implications of our sporting passions.”

UK consumers aged between 18 and 24 have more than twice the national average amount of unsecured debt, according to data collected by the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.


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