Foreign holidays still on the cards

The credit crunch is not putting off British consumers when it comes to holidays abroad, a poll has indicated.

A survey of members of the public in Leeds city centre found 75 per cent were not planning on changing their holiday plans due to economic restrictions.

Just under a fifth (18.75 per cent) said the crunch had affected their plans, however – and comments made by respondents suggest the issue has been of some concern.

Sylvia Evans, aged 62, said: “It did make me think twice, but didn’t actually put me off”.

Meanwhile, John Henderson, 22, said: “It hasn’t put me off this year, but I think it might next year.”

Recent research by Kayak implied that people are making sacrifices to pay for holidays while remaining debt free.

A survey by the travel website this summer found 98 per cent of respondents were willing to cut out luxuries to pay for a holiday, while over three quarters (76 per cent) said they were already putting money aside for a trip.

By Morwenna Kearns


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