Fuel poverty ‘a growing concern’

The number of pensioners in debt and struggling with fuel poverty appears to be on the rise, as new figures indicate a four-fold climb in the last five years.

Statistics published by the Conservatives have revealed that there are more than 2.4 million elderly people experiencing such trouble and Greg Clark of the party observed that many are “afraid” to switch their heating on.

The shadow energy and climate change secretary noted that the energy bill, which is currently being considered, should bring in measures proposed by the Conservatives.

“This would mean home insulation for every home [and] giving pensioners access to the cheapest electricity and gas tariffs,” he said.

It was concluded that the hike in the incidence of those living in fuel poverty was down in large part to rises in household energy prices.

Earlier this month, moneysupermarket.com’s utilities manager Scott Byrom described the number of Britons in debt to their energy suppliers – 1.8 million – as “concerning”.

By Sarah Adie


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