Fuel poverty becoming a “rising problem”

As many as 5.4 million UK households are affected by fuel poverty due to the rising costs of gas and electricity, it has been claimed.

National Energy Action (NEA) has warned that the issue is a “rising problem”, noting that the “unprecedented” increases in the price of gas and electricity – by 44 per cent and 23 per cent respectively – are “very worrying”.

“Being fuel poor means you spend more than ten per cent of your income on fuel,” Maria Wardrobe of the NEA explained,

This may make those who are currently struggling with debt management vulnerable to the problem.

She added that although the issue affects all sectors of society, fatalities caused by fuel poverty are most likely to occur among the elderly.

However, families with young children are also at risk, she noted.

Age Concern has highlighted fuel poverty among pensioners as one of the issues that must be addressed in the forthcoming pre-Budget report.

By Tom Musk


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