Good money habits ‘won’t last’

Positive changes in attitudes towards money as a result of the recession are not expected to last, an insurance group has warned.

Research from Aviva revealed that, although lifestyle alterations were made to save funds, just 35 per cent of adults expect to maintain these good habits as their disposable incomes increase.

Principal clinical consultant with Aviva UK Health Dr Doug Wright noted that as the economy recovers, “the temptation is to return to the way we were before”.

Furthermore, the findings indicated that 65 per cent – or 40 million people – plan to increase their expenditure on at least one costly activity.

Of those asked, 30 per cent intended to eat in restaurants rather than cook at home, 15 per cent would order takeaways and 21 per cent would spend time in bars and pubs.

Last month, debtors expressed regret in Simplyhealth’s Bothered Britain Report that they had not been more financially responsible.

By Sarah Adie


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