‘Good news’ for debtors with online energy bills

Indebted people may be heartened to hear that the typical online family energy bill has dropped below £1,000 for the first time in 2009, a consequence of a price war that has caused prices to fall.

Energy expert at uSwitch.com Will Marples noted that it is important for people to look to the internet if they are to take advantage of lower fees and better value, as “suppliers are focusing their price cuts on online energy plans”.

He further stated that the public is now being afforded greater choice as there are some highly competitive smaller suppliers, such as First:Utility, which is currently the cheapest provider.

According to uSwitch.com, the average internet-based energy plan costs £988 a year, suggesting that those in debt could benefit from shopping around on the web.

Earlier this month, Chris Tapp of Credit Action observed that debt management issues are likely to continue through into 2010, due to rising prices, interest rates and unemployment.

By Sarah Adie


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