Government called on to deal with fuel poverty

The government has been urged to rethink its policy regarding fuel poverty, as research has revealed that an increasing number of people in such situations died last year as a result.

This is according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), which found that 36,000 Britons passed away last year because of issues with unaffordable fuel costs, a figure that marks a 49 per cent increase on the year between 2007 and 2008.

Co-director of ippr Lisa Harker noted that the proportion of those in the UK who are unable to turn their heating up because of fuel debts and prices is climbing.

“The recession means there is less money around to reduce fuel poverty and at the same time energy prices are going up,” she said, stating that a “far-sighted” strategy is required from the government.

This follows recent research from Shelter, which found that 11.3 million people are reducing their energy consumption so as to free up money to settle other debts, such as rent and mortgages.

By Sarah Adie


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