Government ‘must help’ those with mortgage debt

Homeowners struggling to repay their mortgages should be given more support according to a property organisation.

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has called on ministers to intervene in the failing housing market.

Director general Chris Cummings said that repossession should only ever be used as a last resort.

He suggested aid should be given to those having difficulties through the benefits system, which would help them to clear debt.

“The government must help homeowners who now find themselves with less support than in the 1990s” he added.

A reform of the stamp duty and income support for mortgage interest systems is being called for by the AMI.

Mr Cummings stated that ministers should look at international methods to see how they function.

Homeless charity Shelter recently warned that many tenants are facing repossession due to the amount of arrears in the buy-to-let mortgages sector.

By Jamie Price


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