Graduates urged to check their credit files

One of the first things graduates should do when they finish at university is request a copy of their credit file to assess their individual financial situations, according to credit checking service Equifax.

Neil Munroe, external affairs director for the company, said there appears to be a growing awareness of the importance of tracing individual personal credit histories.

In a specific warning to the thousands of graduates who go into the finance industry itself, Mr Munroe remarked: “If you’re going into a position where there’s finance involved, it would probably seem appropriate that the employer checks your credit history.”

Research published by Equifax last year suggested that the typical undergraduate entering university this year could finish their degree in 2010 with debt levels of around £30,000.

It was also indicated that the typical student on a three-year course is likely to spend between £39,000 and £45,000.


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