Homeowners given water-saving tips

The Consumer Council for Water has offered tips to homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills during 2009.

According to the body, consumers can cut their energy bills by taking a number of steps, including replacing worn washers on leaking taps, taking showers instead of baths and avoiding the half-load setting on dishwashers.

Fitting a jacket to water boilers is another money-saving method homeowners can use, as installing insulation at least 75mm in thickness can save approximately £30 per year.

Homeowners hoping to reduce their outgoings and become debt free may wish to make use of the suggestions, which chair of the Consumer Council for Scotland Dame Yve Buckland said “could pay off in the long run”.

“At a time when so many household bills are rising, people may be looking for ways to make every penny count,” she explained.

Younger people may wish to take note of the advice, as a recent study by Open Energy found that they are less energy-efficient than their older counterparts.

By Tom Musk


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