House values ‘fall 2%’

House values dropped two per cent over the course of last month, according to a newly released report.

Land Registry figures have revealed that this brought the annual rate of decline to 16.5 per cent, with the average price standing at £153,862.

The most significant fall was seen in the north-west, with values decreasing by 4.1 per cent in February.

And in London, the yearly fall reached 15.6 per cent, with a typical home costing just under £300,000.

While the drop may be bad news for homeowners facing negative equity – something that could lead to them seeking debt help – those looking to purchase property can benefit from lower prices.

Commenting on the data, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors chief economist Simon Rubinsohn said: “Lower prices and the cheap cost of money has begun to fuel an increase in buyer interest … although activity will still remain at relatively depressed levels.”

By Jamie Price


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