ID fraud ‘is UK’s top fear’

As more and more people struggle to become debt free in the UK, people are becoming increasingly aware of the threat of ID theft, a new survey suggests.

American Express polled Britons on what their greatest safety fears are in 2008 and found that 43 per cent are concerned by ID fraud – making it the top concern in the country.

Such crimes – which can result in high levels of credit card debt – are worrying British people more than yob culture (41 per cent), muggings (32 per cent), burglary (32 per cent) and vandalism to one’s car (27 per cent).

“As fast-paced working life drives more people to rely on technology in the way they manage their lives, so the safety landscape is changing and ID theft is becoming a bigger issue year on year,” said Chris Rolland, head of American Express Insurance Services.

The government has recently launched a new website for young people to air their opinions on the proposed introduction of ID cards for UK adults.

By Neil Condron


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