ID theft concerns ‘plague Brits’

Identity theft is the biggest consumer fear in the run-up to Christmas, according to research from American Express.

The firm has said that yob culture has been supplanted by identity theft as the top concern for both women and “tech-savvy young Britons”, with credit card debt a real possibility for identity theft victims.

Identity theft was named as a concern by 41 per cent in the American Express research, a rise from 22 per cent at the start of the year.

“At a time when people are gearing up for a festive spending spree, whether in the high street or online, now is a good time for people to protect their identity,” said Chris Rolland, head of American Express insurance services.

With some consumers fighting to remain debt free at Christmas, becoming a victim of identity theft could see consumers plunged into debt through unauthorised credit and debit card use.

In October, research from Capital One revealed that more than 42 million Britons do not know how to detect if they have been a victim of identity theft.


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