Increasing road and car costs ‘need to be addressed’

Consumers are being hit by relentless price increases on tax and oil and the government should change its policies to remedy the situation.

That is the opinion of Paul Biggs, environment spokesperson at the Association of British Drivers, who said Labour’s statements about why fees keep going up seem to change regularly.

He said: “The cost of fuel has gone up and up and up in terms of the cost of oil. But also the government keep putting on their two pence a litre every six months.”

Constantly hiking the cost of staying on the road could have an adverse affect on the economy, Mr Biggs added, as more and more drivers struggle to meet the charges.

The government should seriously consider a complete change of legislation and introduce a sliding fuel tax, so that rising oil values would cause taxes to decline and vice versa, he remarked.

His comments come after the House of Commons Transport Committee questioned the government’s reasons behind taking money from vehicle users in a recent report.

By Francis Finch


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