Indebted ‘will pay’ for Post Office closures

Government plans to shut down around 2,500 post offices around the UK will leave thousands of the most vulnerable people in society liable to increased costs as they are forced to travel further afield to access the services they are reliant upon, the charity maintains.

Citing its own research, Citizens Advice claims that over 40 per cent of Brits on means tested benefits would be left with no choice but to pay the price of using public transport to get their nearest post office.

“I would have to pay £3.30 to get to the nearest post office. I am currently on benefits and that is a substantial sum of money to me,” an unnamed female on income support remarked.

“Our survey confirms that local post offices are a lifeline for many of those living in rural areas and deprived parts of our towns and cities,” said Citizens Advice senior social policy officer Sue Edwards.

Earlier this week, Citizens Advice raised concerns that regulatory proposals currently before parliament would leave those in credit card debt at greater risk of an abuse of bailiff powers.


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