Insurance ‘may protect against debt’

Consumers have been urged to take out insurance against potential expenses due to theft or pet emergencies.

According to research released by Zurich Private Clients recently, one in ten owners of second homes do not have contents insurance and a further 11 per cent are insure if they have sufficient cover.

Commenting on the issue, public relations manager of the AA Ian Crowder said insurance was “very important” and owners should ensure they include every item on the policy.

Mr Crowder added people should use “common sense” as well, to avoid expense from relying on insurers that do not pay up.

“You’re not going to get a very sympathetic ear from the insurer” if windows are left open, for example.

Also this week, Asda Financial Services has highlighted the importance of pet insurance after a Great Dane ran up vets’ bills of an estimated £2,000 by swallowing a two-foot-long stick.

The supermarket, citing, said pet owners face an average of £1,312 for emergency surgery.

Bills like this “could leave a massive dent in family finances for the unprotected”, said Asda. They could also lead to debt problems or credit card debt.

By Morwenna Kearns


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