IVA helps woman clear debt after illness

Roz Cross got into financial trouble after taking two months off from work when diagnosed with cancer of the spine.

Although she had been servicing her debts before her sudden illness, the Daily Mail reports that arrears built up to £30,000 she could not repay.

Her problem was compounded as she lived in rented accommodation so she could not remortgage, but Mrs Cross admitted that she “played ostrich” by ignoring her debt problems for so long.

Mrs Cross’ situation highlights the difficulties that people can experience with debt if their source of income unexpectedly dries up.

However, she discovered IVAs as an alternative to declaring bankruptcy and has had her debt frozen on condition she repays a regular amount each month.

“The IVA is manageable on my income and it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted,” added Mrs Cross in the article.


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