Kids ‘want to spend time with parents, not money’

Children would rather have more time with their parents than money, new research has found.

American Express conducted a survey into the opinions of kids aged eight to 15, after figures showed that more parents are working longer hours in order to provide the things they think their children want.

It discovered that they are actually more interested in spending quality time with their parents than material things.

In addition, it showed that 93 per cent of children believe their parents are too stressed.

One in 20 of the kids questioned said they would live in a smaller house with less bills when they were older in order to remain debt free.

Chris Rolland, head of insurance services, commented: “Families are under an increasing financial burden and it seems that kids are wising up to the pressures their parents are facing.”

Meanwhile the Child Poverty Action group has called for welfare reforms after a government report revealed that unemployment figures have shown the biggest rise for 17 years.

By Jamie Price


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