Lack of precautions ‘puts Brits at risk’

Many people in the UK are risking identity theft and CREDIT CARD DEBT by not taking care when going online.

The threat of fraud is recognised by most Britons, with 70 per cent claiming in a More Than poll that they feel more at risk now than they were five years ago.

However, 29 per cent do not abide by their instincts and instead use secure websites regularly at work. Additionally, 30 per cent write down their passwords, leaving themselves open to exploitation by unscrupulous colleagues.

Simon Logan, head of law at More Than, said that people who want to remain DEBT FREE need to take simple but important steps such as shredding bills and checking bank statements thoroughly.

They should also ensure that when they are asked for personal identification information, they find out exactly how it is to be used.

Earlier this week, a survey by American Express revealed ID theft to be the UK’s number one fear.

By Neil Condron


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