Life “getting really tough” for British families

Life is “getting really tough” for families around the UK as the cost of living continues to increase, according to David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party.

Mr Cameron’s comments came on the launch of a report commissioned by the Conservatives that shows British consumers are seeing their everyday expenses increase at a faster rate than the government’s 2.5 per cent inflation estimate.

Some of the main problems facing British families are reported to be sharp rises in council tax, train fares, food prices and energy bills, all of which are leaving people with increasingly difficult personal finance problems.

Additionally, interest rates are sufficiently high to leave many households with a serious debt management burden, Mr Cameron maintains.

“Why won’t they [the Labour Party] understand that life is getting really tough for people,” said Mr Cameron in response to the report his party commissioned.

Figures from the Credit Action charity have suggested that consumers in the UK pay out close to £93.2 billion each year to service the interest on the collective debts.


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