Man jailed for debt

Hernel Burgher, 45, was sentenced to 40 days imprisonment by Nottingham magistrates for accumulating four years’ worth of council tax debt worth £2,742.

Councillor Michael Edwards, deputy leader of the city council, warned in the BBC that the council would take strict action against non-payment of debt, as would any other authority: “We will take tough action against those who continue to ignore their council tax bills and refuse to talk to us about how they can pay off their debts.”

However, he indicated that there is a need for debt help and professional advice.

Cllr Edwards also stressed the importance of anyone with a council tax debt to contact their council quickly to help stop it building up.

His comments are joined by other experts who recommend that people seek out debt advice and inform lenders of problems as soon as financial difficulties occur, or better still, seek such information beforehand to stop debts becoming a problem.


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