Massive debt triggered by internet gambling

Richard Mahan, 25, took 13 of his parents’ cards to their limit which prompted him to attempt to commit suicide.

His defence lawyer John Clancy said that the debt “raises questions about the wisdom of credit card companies allowing borrowing levels to be raised without any real checks”.

In the early hours of the morning of April 3rd, Mr Mahan lost £90,000 of winnings and £68,000 of credit card debt and was reported to police in order for his father to reclaim the insurance.

With concerns that celebrity endorsement of internet gambling may drive more people to play, the sentencing sheriff warned the young Scot that he may face jail as a deterrent to other people running up large sums of gambling debt.

“Sadly, my own firm is seeing more and more cases of bankruptcies every week arising from addiction to online gambling,” added Mr Clancy.


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