Millions of Brits ‘avoiding bills’

Carried out by YouGov and commissioned by Skywire Software, the recent research shows that around 30 per cent of UK citizens dodge their monthly bills and decide not to pay them straight away.

And only eight per cent of those polled indicated that they pay of their bill soon after receiving it and part of the problem is down to a lack of attention grabbing bill designs, Skywire Software suggests.

“Receiving timely payment for bills is a major issue for financial services and utility companies in terms of managing both cash flow and customer relationships,” said Tracey Robinson, vice president at the software firm behind the research.

“However, many don’t realise the impact that a well-designed bill can achieve in terms getting bills paid on time and grabbing people’s attention.”

Figures released last month by Sainsbury’s Bank showed that he average cost of maintained a British household increased by a full 12 per cent over the course of the previous 12 months.


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