Millions of credit card user ‘not happy with providers’

Research by the independent personal finance firm found that only two in five credit card users are happy with the services they receive, while 80 per cent of people who spend money in this way value provider reputation above financial arrangements.

And with millions of UK consumers already facing CREDIT CARD DEBTs, the leading provider in the sector Barclaycard has a responsibility to ensure that the market remains competitive, suggests.

“[Barclaycard] must stop talking of introducing annual fees for low-usage customers, which sends out the wrong message to sensible consumers,” said the company’s head of personal finance David Kuo.

“It should not frighten customers into using their credit cards to simply avoid paying annual fees,” he added.

According to research from the Post Office, two-thirds of UK credit card users sign up to what they consider to be attractive deal and then fail to make the most of the subsequent benefits available to them.


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