Money concerns ‘may have long-term health effects’

Worry about debt and the credit crunch could lead to long-term health implications for the British public, according to a new report.

Research from Friends Provident and the Blood Pressure Association (BPA) has shown that approximately 29 million people feel more stressed, less healthy and more illness-prone than three years ago.

Head of protection at Friends Provident Mark Jones commented: “The credit crunch appears to be having serious ramifications. Lifestyle changes – poor diet and lack of exercise in particular – can have a negative effect.”

The study found that 56 per cent were buying cheaper food in a bid to cut costs, 19 per cent were sleeping less and 15 per cent were working longer hours.

Six per cent said they were smoking more due to financial pressures.

Meanwhile, recent research from Sainsbury’s revealed that 61 per cent of respondents were more willing to purchase supermarket’s own brands now than a year ago.

By Jamie Price


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