More energy prices rises on the way – but don’t panic, says FOE

Comparison service uSwitch has revealed the cost to consumers following E.ON’s announcement that it will increase prices.

According to the service, from the beginning of the year E.ON dual fuel customers have seen a 42 per cent rise in bills. British Gas and EDF Energy have also put prices up this year.

Director of consumer policy at uSwitch, Ann Robinson, said: “Soaring energy bills pose a huge threat to our standard of living – gas and electricity are essential commodities which have now become a luxury that many can no longer afford.”

However, for those worried about staying debt free amid the rising costs of everyday necessities, Friends of the Earth (FOE) has said going green may save money.

According to a spokesperson, households could save “hundreds of pounds every year” by updating boilers, fitting improved insulation and not using the car as frequently.

Consumers do not need to “feel helpless” she added.

For people who do find themselves in debt, products and debt help are available.

By Morwenna Kearns


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