More people ‘arguing over money’

The crisis in the economy has led to higher levels of arguments between couples, new figures have found.

According to research from PayPal, around a third (32 per cent) of British couples said they have argued more this year, with money being identified as a key issue.

However, the survey also discovered that the situation has led to one in five partners being able to talk more openly about their financial circumstances, something that may help couples discuss debt management.

“It’s good to see that difficult times are prompting us to talk about money, as it’s far easier to cope with financial worries when we’re open with each other about them,” commented PayPal managing director Carl Scheible.

The survey also revealed that 61 per cent of couples have changed breadwinner as one of them has lost a job or taken a pay cut.

Meanwhile, Cheshire Building Society has urged people not to let money troubles ruin their relationships.

By Jamie Price


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