Moving out is ‘unaffordable’

Potential debt problems caused by the high cost of housing could be preventing many young people from moving out.

According to a survey by charity Shelter, 22 per cent of Britons aged 18 to 34 still live with their parents, with the expense of accommodation elsewhere cited as the main reason by 45 per cent of these.

Director of policy and campaigns Kay Boycott called for the situation to be addressed “urgently”, particularly as a general election is approaching.

Other findings from the organisation included the fact that 1.5 million grandparents believe they are missing out on helping to raise grandchildren, as family members are unable to afford to live nearby.

“These figures show the shocking impact that spiralling housing costs are having on families,” Ms Boycott commented.

Last week, the latest Daily Mail cost of living index revealed that consumers are facing rising petrol and food prices, despite supermarkets’ promises to make cuts.


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