New bill aims to protect the indebted

The so-called tribunals, court and enforcement bill will mean stricter controls over enforcement agents and bailiffs, to ensure the protection of those vulnerable to what the department calls “unscrupulous” debt enforcement agents.

“Tens of thousands of people get into debt each year,” said constitutional affairs minister Baroness Catherine Ashton.

“Not only do they suffer financial and other hardship, but they can often be at the mercy of unscrupulous bailiffs who misunderstand or misrepresent their powers,” she added.

The bill also proposes the creation of a new insolvency arrangement for those people struggling to find a debt solution despite owing “relatively little”.

Responsibilility for upholding justice and human rights in the UK falls to the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which also seeks to “modernise” the law in an effort to “enhance democratic freedoms”.


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