New service aims to tackle ID theft

A new service has been launched by the Capital One credit card company with the aim of tacking the issue of identity theft, it has been announced.

Identity theft can often cause consumers to face added credit card debt problems due to fraudulent activity and Capital One will now aim to alert its customers to any unusual activity on their account via email.

The service is to be operated with help from the Equifax company and has been designed to operate as an “early warning system” for credit card users looking for further protection against fraudsters.

Srini Gopalan, UK senior vice president of Capital One, commented: “We recognise that, although the issue of ID theft is serious, customers don’t always have time to regularly check their credit file for unusual activity that might suggest they have been victim to this crime.

“This new ID alert service gives additional reassurance for our customers and makes our ID theft protection service even more robust and valuable.”

According to the Home Office, anyone who believes they may have been a victim of identity theft should contact their financial services provider as soon as they can.


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