New Year’s financial resolutions ‘falling by the wayside’

About 16 million people in the country made a resolution at the start of the year, with two-fifths saying they intended to get out of the red.

However, more than a quarter (27 per cent) fail to stick to these promises by the end of the month, suggesting that consumers are letting their targets slide.

Karen Barrett, marketing director of, commented: “It is encouraging to see how many people intend to get their finances in order in 2007, however it is all too easy to let good intentions go to waste.

“Setting manageable goals and seeking the professional independent advice from an IFA could encourage you to persevere with your resolutions and improve your finances.”

The research also found that about 43 per cent of Britons aim to curb their spending and budget more, while 34 per cent plan to save for a specific purchase such as a car or a holiday.

Meanwhile, news from out today suggests that Britons are spending about half the amount they save each year.


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