Nottingham ‘a hotspot for credit card fraud’

Nottingham has been identified as one of the top areas in the UK for items bought via credit card fraud, it has been revealed.

Consumer watchdog Early Warning, publishing research on the issue, stated that residents of postal areas in and around Nottingham are responsible for some £1 million worth of “card-not-present” fraud.

Such crime, carried out over the phone, via email and the internet, could land victims in financial difficulty and in need of unexpected debt management.

Andrew Goodwill, managing director of the firm, told the Evening Post: “The advent of chip and pin makes it far more difficult for criminals to get away with using stolen credit cards in the shops, so they are turning to other methods, principally the internet.”

He described internet credit card fraud as “easy” because criminals can operate from anywhere.

While leading to credit card debt debt problems for many people across the UK every year, Early Warning has calculated that such crime results in the illegal receipt of £200 million in goods each year as well as costing the UK economy some £40 million.


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