Online tools designed to help with debt

People seeking a debt solution have been offered help in the form of online tools that they can use to assist them with handling money problems.

MORE TH>N Legal Services has unveiled a series of web documents that are designed to be filled in by consumers to provide an overview of their finances.

These include an income and expenditure statement, as well as letters that can be sent to creditors to explain financial circumstances and request help such as payment holidays.

Spokesperson Annette Lepper said that people can become “extremely worried” about outstanding debts, particularly in the present economic climate.

“It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand and hope that the problem will go away, but people should tackle money problems at the earliest possible stage,” she advised.

This view was echoed recently by a spokesperson from homeless charity Shelter, who told homeowners to take prompt action in order to avoid repossession.

By Jamie Price


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