Parents ‘struggling to pay school costs’

Costs associated with sending children to school are putting a significant financial burden on parents around the UK, according to a recent study carried out by Citizens Advice.

As debt management problems increase for households nationwide, the charity reports that three in four parents find school costs difficult or very difficult to pay.

Charges for trips, books and uniforms can add to financial pressures and steps should be taken by the government to ensure that parents are able to meet the demands of sending their children to school, Citizens Advice makes clear.

“Parents shouldn’t have to spend sleepness nights worrying about how they are going to pay for what their child needs simply to go to school,” said David Harker, chief executive for Citizens Advice.

“For many it doesn’t feel like a ‘free’ education, it is hitting their budgets very hard and potentially having a direct impact on children’s schooling.”

According to Citizens Advice, around 20 per cent of people approaching its staff for help are looking to find a debt solution.


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