Pensioners ‘at risk’ in credit crunch

Older people are at risk of becoming “hidden victims” of the credit crunch, Age Concern has warned.

The charity has urged the government to include measures to help pensioners in its pre-Budget report as they are struggling to cope during the economic downturn.

Fighting poverty has been highlighted by Age Concern as a key issue that needs to be addressed, as many of the older generation are facing debt or bankruptcy due to the rising cost of living.

Help for those who are struggling with fuel bills, greater health and social care and maintaining the skills of older workers have also been cited by the charity as key issues that must receive attention.

Director general of the body George noted that the government does not “ignore the needs” of older people in its report.

Britons in generally are currently struggling financially, with a recent survey finding many are running out of money before payday due to poor debt management.

By Tom Musk


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