Pensioners told to seek support

Pensioners who are finding themselves up against debt problems should act swiftly to ensure they are not missing out on any financial support from the state.

That is the message from Citizen’s Advice, which is reminding millions of those worst off in the UK not to make their debt management problems any harder than they need be.

With money available for a range of bills, including heating and council tax, Citizens Advice director of policy, Teresa Perchard, says that pensioners should check whether they are eligible.

“With higher council tax bills dropping through many people’s letterboxes on top of huge hikes in the price of gas, electricity and other household bills, many pensioners are finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet,” she said.

“Yet billions of pounds that should be helping them is going unclaimed every year.

“Too many pensioners are missing out on money that is rightfully theirs.”

Ms Perchard urged those pensioners unsure about whether they qualify for benefits and support to seek a free consultation with any Citizen’s Advice Bureau.


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