People ‘intend to prioritise finances’ in 2009

Almost half of the public are aiming to tackle debt management this year, new figures have suggested.

Research carried out by Halifax has revealed that 48 per cent of people are aiming to make finances a priority over the coming months.

It showed that the 25-34 age group were the most likely to do so, with 56 per cent stating that they plan to better handle money matters in 2009.

In addition, the figures revealed that more women than men believe that their finances could be improved.

The organisation noted that switching financial products can help people to get their affairs in order.

Head of banking Mike Regnier remarked: “It’s good news that people are intending to make their finances a priority in 2009. By reviewing something as simple as their current account people could get their finances in better shape.”

Recently, a survey from Abbey Credit Cards found that many people who intended to conduct a balance transfer between credit cards in 2009 to help them clear debt have so far failed to do so.

By Jamie Price


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