People ‘worried they cannot meet bills’

Around a third of Britons are concerned that they will not be able to handle debt management issues over the coming years, a new survey has suggested.

Research carried out by Opinium Research for Saga Savings has found that 31 per cent of people are worried they will not have enough cash to meet domestic bills over the next five years.

The study showed that 41 per cent of those questioned are cutting back on spending as their disposable income has dropped, while 11 per cent have become anxious about savings due to redundancy fears.

And 12 per cent are “burying their head in the sand” by not thinking about their financial future, the firm stated.

It comes after approximately a third of those questioned in a Virgin Money poll said they feel their disposable income levels will fall in 2009, with many citing salary cuts or rising costs as the reason for this.

By Jamie Price


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