Planning Christmas shopping ‘can help save money’

Planning Christmas shopping ahead of time can help consumers save money over the festive season, one finance expert has suggested.

Jasmine Birtles, who has partnered with Lloyds TSB to produce a podcast offering advice on how to reduce Christmas spending, has urged shoppers to start shopping as soon as possible.

“You can spread the cost over time which makes it a lot easier than leaving it all to the last week,” she explained, adding that leaving purchases until the last minute can be more expensive as people are more likely to “panic buy” gifts that may turn out to be unwanted.

Ms Birtles’ advice may be of interest to those worrying about their debt as the festive season approaches, and following her suggestions could enable customers to minimise their credit card debt over the coming weeks.

Research carried out on behalf of Lloyds TSB suggested many have already heeded Ms Birtles’ words, with 67 per cent stating they will have started their Christmas shopping by November.

By Tom Musk


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