Plans ‘to increase student debt’ under fire

The general secretary of the University and College Union has attacked new proposals from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which she believes are simply a list of ways to put students in larger amounts of debt.

Sally Hunt said that instead of the old tactics outlined in Stronger together, Businesses and universities in turbulent times, A report from the CBI Higher Education Task Force, money needs to be invested in creating a fair system for all.

Making financial barriers such as tuition costs bigger will not help, she claimed, adding that this strategy is particularly “not the answer during a recession”.

According to an August statement from, students are currently in line to leave university with more than £17,500 of debt on average.

The price comparison website recommended that those who get into difficulties with their finances should seek professional advice, as ignoring the problem can make things worse.

By Chris Trimble


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