£9bn holiday hangover

Data from comparison site Moneysupermarket.com shows that average spend on cards was £779 and that many holders are accruing interest on this spending, adding to debt.

“You could be left with more than a tan if you don’t think about how to handle your debt when you come home,” warned Rob Kenley of Moneysupermarket.

“If you are one of the 41 per cent of credit card holders who fail to clear their balance at the end of each month you would be wise to transfer your debt onto one of the 49 zero per cent balance transfer deals available in order to minimise the amount you will pay in interest.”

Warnings come as lenders crack down on the benefits of credit cards, with many introducing higher interest rates or increasing balance transfer fees.

For those with a large credit card debt, Mr Kenley advised people to switch to a zero-interest card and start saving to repay.


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