Progress on credit card clarity

In its bid to help consumers make better-informed decisions to avoid needless credit card debt, the association said that data sharing to help prevent over-indebtedness had increased.

A summary box, as with credit card cheques, will be included by the end of this year, highlighting APR, interest rates and length of any offers and other advice crucial to proper debt management.

Standard terminology, to increase clarity, will also be introduced, along with a best practice guide for lenders.

The association has also launched a web-guide, giving advice on choosing and using a credit card,, to join its other credit card debt information.

Paul Smee, chief executive at Apacs, said: “The past year has seen the credit card industry make significant progress on the transparency agenda.

“The results of our initiatives can be seen in recent data, which suggests cardholders are becoming more responsible in the way that they borrow – reining in their spending and focusing on repayments.”


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