‘Quit and save’ smokers urged

Research from Alliance & Leicester suggests that the typical 20-a-day smoker in the UK spends over £1,909 annually on cigarettes and the financial services firm makes clear that this money could be put to more productive use.

Saving thousands of pounds could help people find a debt solution more quickly and with Britain set to go “smokefree” on July 1st Alliance & Leicester is advising smokers to kick the habit and put the money they would spend on cigarettes into savings instead.

“The average smoker could be putting around £100 aside each month, instead of letting their hard-earned cash go up in smoke,” said Ross Dalzell, manager for savings at Alliance & Leicester.

“By investing the money saved in a high interest account each month and working towards a long term goal, smokers will hopefully find the will power to permanently kick the habit.”

The NHS offers a smokefree calculator service, which enables people to work out how much money they are spending on their unhealthy habit.


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