Recession ‘prompting change in holiday plans’

Britons are rethinking their holiday plans as a result of the recession, an expert has noted.

Jonathan Mitcham, principle researcher at Which? Holiday, explained that many consumers are looking at ways to cut back on their spending.

He suggested that trips to Europe in particular could fall as the strong euro makes these more expensive.

And with fears that the recession is likely to continue, Brits could be reducing spending in order to prevent the need for future debt help.

“For many, money is tighter than last year and others have a perception that things may get tougher … so they feel they can’t justify spending out on an expensive trip away,” Mr Mitcham remarked.

However, he added that areas outside the eurozone – such as Croatia and Egypt – could offer a cheaper alternative for those who still wish to get away.

Last week, a study by indicated that value for money is becoming more important than location and hotel reviews for Brits choosing an overseas holiday destination.

By Andy Mackay


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