Record winter energy bills expected

Potential debt problems may arise this year, as record energy bills for the winter period are expected.

This is according to, which has found that invoices received have risen 20 per cent year on year and, since 2003, annual amounts have climbed by 127 per cent.

In 12 months, the average household’s tariff for the colder season has increased by £104 and utilities manager with the website Scott Byrom noted that many will see a “hefty quarterly statement” coming through their front door.

“It is therefore extremely important for bill payers to address this issue and do what ever they can to reduce their bills going forward,” he continued, adding that this is all the more important as the wintry weather looks set to last.

His comments follow recent findings from indicating that – for the third quarter of 2009 – 13 per cent more energy customers had to reach some form of arrangement with their suppliers regarding debt than in the previous three-month period.

By Sarah Adie


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