Research highlights household savings

The ten million or more people who have not altered their gas or electricity provider in the past face a collective bill some £2.18 billion higher than it could be, according to the latest uSwitch figures.

In addition, further savings, which could help many people avoid bankruptcy, can be made in relation to household bills, such as managing accounts online and paying by monthly direct debit, the comparison company suggests.

Geoff Slaughter, energy product manager at, remarked: “We should all be looking more closely at the energy deals now available and thinking seriously about getting the best value we possibly can.”

“Although springtime is when many of us turn our heating down or off, it’s really important that we don’t then forget all about our energy bills until next winter,” he added.

A report from the same source earlier this week claimed close to 19 million Brits have left unclaimed bank charges which could be now be recouped following changes to relevant legislation.


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