Saturdays ‘increase credit card debt’

Many Britons are taking on extra credit card debt on Saturdays, with new research suggesting consumers typically spend more than £549,000 on these days during their life.

According to the Co-operative Bank, Saturdays see the average British adult spend £175 on food, drink, entertainment, travelling and clothes, with many taking on extra credit card debt to fund their purchases.

Maxine Xodo of the Co-operative Bank warned that Saturday shoppers should consider debt management and budgeting when they splash the cash.

She said many people feel Saturdays are a time for enjoyment, especially since British employees spend longer hours working than most of their European counterparts.

“However, it is important for people to plan ahead with their spending so it doesn’t come as a surprise when their bills come through the door,” Ms Xodo added.

Last month, Abbey claimed that savvy and sensible shopping could save UK households millions a week.

Some £218 million worth of groceries are discarded by consumers every week as they misjudge their needs and food reaches its expiry date.


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