Scottish government launches debt advice campaign

A new campaign to help deal with debt problems has been launched by the Scottish government.

Launching this week, the awareness scheme is being led by the Money Advice Trust and will provide free, independent guidance to those looking to improve their financial situation, possibly through the use of a debt management plan.

The Scottish government is providing £382,000 to promote the campaign, which will be spent on nationwide advertising.

Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that the aim was to help families across Scotland who are “feeling the pressure financially”.

“The main message we want to get across is for people to take control of their debt, before it controls them,” she explained, adding that people need to do something about their debt “sooner rather than later”.

A book used to explain the importance of finance management to young people has recently been translated into Gaelic for use in Scottish schools.

On the Money was written by four well-known Scottish writers and is aimed at children aged between eight and 12.

By Tom Musk


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