Scottish Widows: More Brits are “marathon runners”

British consumers are paying more attention to their finances, according to Scottish Widows, which found three per cent of people never review their income and outgoings.

With a nod to the upcoming Olympics, the firm identified six kinds of “financial athletes” to describe the different attitudes to money during the credit crunch.

The study found nearly a third (32 per cent) of consumers are “marathon runners” – those who are careful with money in the long-term.

A total of four per cent were identified as “high jumpers” – taking risks with money – while six per cent are “javelin throwers”, or people who only save when they receive a windfall.

Customer and brand marketing director Mike Hoban said the findings were “great news” as saving now will bring advantages later.

“Seeking advice from a financial advisor is the best way of making sure that you can do this comfortably, and that you have someone to look after your best interests,” he added.

Those worried about staying softlink=”debt_free”>debt free or trying to clear debt may also wish to meet a professional who can offer advice on debt consolidation and
credit card debt

By Morwenna Kearns


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