Selling a property ‘getting much more difficult’

Selling a property is becoming increasingly difficult for people around the UK, according to recent research from

The web-based home purchase company estimates that half of all property buys around the country are now falling through and this could make debt management much more difficult for some families struggling to get by financially.

Housing market conditions have shifted considerably in recent months and has noted that just a year ago home buyers were doing all they could to ensure that a property deal made it to completion.

“Sellers will also lose out financially, with cost sunk into solicitors, estate agents, home information packs, survey and mortgage fees, often in excess of £2000,” said Hywel Luke, managing director of the internet company.

“They will also remain exposed to the changing market conditions,” he added.

Earlier this week, the Centre for Economics and Business Research forecast that debt management problems will see thousands of British families have their home repossessed.


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